Wednesday, September 08, 2004



Apologies for the light blogging over the past few days. I plead two excuses: yesterday was the first day of the course I am teaching, and for the majority of the last 24 hours, Blogger has been out of commission.

If you haven't seen Ralph Luker's helpful list of blogs by history graduate students, check it out. I discovered quite a few blogs that I had not known about before. I added Positive Liberty to the list, and I probably should have also suggested Snoblog, published by a graduate student at UCLA. It's not updated very frequently, but it is usually an interesting read. On the other side of the great pond, there is also Historiological Notes.

P.S. On another miscellaneous note, I have six Gmail invitations to give out. I've been pleased with Gmail so far, although it does have some annoying quirks. There is a good run-down of the pros and cons at No Fancy Name. If you're interested in trying it out, just post a comment or "" me at "calebmcd."

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