Friday, September 24, 2004


A cure for toe gout

I'm headed up to Philadelphia this afternoon, so there probably will not be a new post today. I have some ideas brewing. In the meantime, head over to ::: wood s lot :::, a blog that was nice enough to link to my post on used book stores. There are some fantastic photographs and poems up on the blog today, as well as a link to Daniel Defoe's 1704 "Essay on the Regulation of the Press." Here's an excerpt:
To Cure the ill Use of Liberty, with a Deprivation of Liberty, is like cutting off the Leg to cure the Gout in the Toe, like expelling Poison with too Rank a Poison, where both may struggle which Poison shall prevail, but which soever prevails, the Patient suffers.

If the Exorbitance of some few People in Printing Seditious and Dangerous Books, must Abridge all the Men of Learning in the Nation of their Liberty in Printing, what after exceeding toil and unwearied Pains they are willing to Communicate to Posterity, then who will Study, who will breed up their Children to Letters, when all the Fruits of their Labours are liable to the Blast of the Arbitrary Breath of Mercenary Men.

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