Monday, December 13, 2004


Houston is worth it

A few of you may have been around Mode for Caleb long enough to remember this early post on whether Houston is worth it. If so, you'll appreciate this travel review in the New York Times: "Saying a Spirited 'Nay' to Houston's Naysayers." As a sometime naysayer of Houston, I stand nay-ed. I learned something I never knew about the city: there is a cool-looking Rothko Chapel on Sul Ross Boulevard, which contains 14 abstract paintings by Mark Rothko and has been visited by the likes of Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. How is that for a jolt to your red-state expectations? Perhaps I'll be able to visit the Chapel while we're visiting Houston for the holidays. And by the way, what the review says about Houston's restaurant scene is all true.

Collective Improvisation:
Do you mean that you stand "nay-said?" Just a question...

Posted by Blogger Jason Kuznicki on 12/13/2004 10:35:00 PM : Permalink  

Well, now I stand (or actually sit) corrected!

Posted by Blogger Caleb McDaniel on 12/14/2004 08:56:00 AM : Permalink  

Let us know how the Rothko museum is, and thanks for the link. I've been meaning to look around for some Rothko's online so I can emulate one over the break as a Christmas present. Now I don't need to look around. 

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