Thursday, January 13, 2005


Thanks, whoever you are

I discovered this morning that the name of this blog has been tossed in the general direction of a Koufax awards category: "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition."

To be honest, the idea that some kind soul thought of Mode for Caleb when presented with such a prompt is recognition enough for me. Whoever you are, thanks. I voted for Slacktivist, but wish I could have voted for Velveteen Rabbi at the same time. I discovered some new blogs, too. Thanks to the list, the circle of recognition for Adventus has now widened at least enough to include me.

Collective Improvisation:
Thanks for this post--I actually found my own blog in that list too, which is a nice find. I agree with you about Slacktivist--I read that one most days, and my wife really likes the Velveteen Rabbi.  

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