Monday, June 20, 2005


Big Shot Bob Strikes Again!

Wow. For the first three quarters, Robert Horry had me wondering whether Felix Gillette was right. But then Big Shot Bob proved us both wrong--again. That was an NBA Finals game.

Collective Improvisation:
By no means am I a Spurs fan, but Horry's fourth quarter and overtime performance had me cheering. He had a disappointing final season with the Lakers (a big shot he missed--against the Spurs in 2003), but any Laker fan will always remember Game 4 against the Kings in 2002. 

Posted by Evan

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Well, I do think Gillette is right that they're only "big shots" if you make them. But today I'm just glad he made it!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane too. As usual, Shaq said it best: "'It was a blessed day for us,' O'Neal said. 'Thank God for Robert. Thank God his father met his mother, too.'" 

Posted by Caleb

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I was working on a project on the computer, so I wasn't able to watch the game (although I "watched" the gamecast). And I didn't see a replay of the final shot until tonight.

Horry was definitely the man last night. But after watching the replay, all I can say is, what on earth was Rasheed thinking? Not guarding the player who inbounds the ball is one of the Classic Blunders, particularly if he's good from behind the arc, and particularly if he's been hot late in the game, as Horry had been.

Then again, Rasheed is a man who once got busted smoking dope while speeding in a canary yellow Hummer. So maybe thinking isn't exactly his strong suit. 

Posted by zalm

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I believe the word one writer used to describe Rasheed's mistake was "brainfart." Yep. That sounds about right. 

Posted by Caleb

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