Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Finally, not yet

I've finally recovered from my case of Summer Vertigo, but now I need a vacation. Fortunately, I'll be leaving for one tomorrow. That means this is another post about not yet posting. I've also been out of the loop on reading posts lately: my Bloglines account tells me I have somewhere around 700 posts that haven't been read, and while it pains me to think of the brilliant posts I may have missed, I'll probably mark all of my feeds as "read" when I get back from my trip.

At that point, I also hope to make progress on the two-part progress post I started. (Hopefully the second part will be less shrill.) And I hope to finally respond to The Book Meme (I think it deserves capitalization at this point; it's virtually a proper noun), which I was double-tagged to do.

For the next several days, though, here's my to-do list:

1. Tear up this to-do list.
2. What part of #1 didn't you understand?

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