Friday, June 17, 2005


Friday shuffle

1. "Don't Need a Reason," by Beth Orton, from Trailer Park
2. "The Scientist," by Coldplay, from Rush of Blood to the Head
3. "Each Coming Night," by Iron & Wine, from Our Endless Numbered Days
4. "Skin Is, My," by Andrew Bird, from The Mysterious Production of Eggs
5. "I Hear You Say So," by Innocence Mission, from Glow
6. "The Circle Game," by Joni Mitchell, from Hits
7. "Cold as It Gets," by Patty Griffin, from Impossible Dream
8. "Sunshine of Your Love," by Cream, from The Cream of Clapton
9. "The Inner Light," by the Beatles, from Past Masters, Vol. 2
10. "To Make You Feel My Love," by Bob Dylan, from Time Out of Mind

Collective Improvisation:

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