Sunday, November 27, 2005


Checked out

It finally happened. I attempted to recall a book from the library that was checked out to me.

As an inveterate book hoarder, I had been warned that this would happen. And now the day has come. Here is the complete email I received from the circulation staff:
Dear Borrower: [Read: Dear Dummy:]

"Constant Turmoil..." is already on loan to you.
That sentence itself reads like a weirdly appropriate fortune cookie message, since the days lately have been filled with nearly "constant turmoil," or, more accurately, constant busyness. I've been checked out from this blog for longer than I intended to be, but forgetting that I had already checked out a book is as good an indication as any that things have been hectic lately. (In my defense, I had checked out the book by requesting that it be sent to my departmental mailbox, which I have not checked in several days. Still, I'm sure the person who wrote this email is having a good laugh at my expense. I know I did.)

Collective Improvisation:
[Putting my doctor's hat on:]

Take this prescription:
One holiday (minimum 1 week)
To be taken by doing something you really enjoy.
Not to be taken with ANY WORK.

C'mon now - you know it makes sense.

Posted by Blogger Tony on 11/29/2005 04:39:00 AM : Permalink  

Would that I could follow that prescription to the letter! I am planning a weekend getaway in December, and of course the holidays will provide a break. Thanks for the good wishes, Tony.

Posted by Blogger Caleb McDaniel on 11/29/2005 10:05:00 PM : Permalink  

I'd say, "Don't say I didn't warn you," but I see that you didn't. I'm glad that you laughed about it; that makes me feel less guilty for laughing too.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11/30/2005 04:55:00 AM : Permalink  

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