Friday, May 12, 2006


Transnational history posts

I recently discovered, thanks to my Statcounter, that Mode for Caleb pops up as the top hit for "transnational history" both in Google and in Yahoo. To be honest, I'm a little horrified by the prospect that searchers might stumble over here looking for authoritative ruminations on the subject, especially since the Number One hit was my earliest and sketchiest post on the subject.

This is the way it often happens with blog posts: the ones you hammer out quickly end up rising in the search engines for various reasons, at which point you wish you had spent more time on them in the first place. Supportive as I am of academic blogging, this is one reason why I'm not as keen on blogs as an ultimate replacement for journals, books, and the like. The capital investment required for such traditional publications doesn't automatically or necessarily make them better than the work you can find online, but it certainly makes the production of them more deliberate.

At any rate, in case future surfers come here for information and commentary on transnational history, I thought it would be helpful at least to collect a list of my posts on the subject, partly so that no single one of them is taken as my final word and partly to underline the lengthy stretch of time that separates them. In chronological order, here they are:

September-October 2004
Transnational history
Globalization versus "globalization"

April 2006
Transnational political history
More on transnational history
Avoiding the bends
(Also, see the Cliopatria symposium on transnational history.)

Collective Improvisation:
Wow. You have to love google. The fact that you are ranked highly does give you some credit, however, and I would rather hear you ruminations that those of some anonymous person living on a ranch somewhere in Texas.

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