Friday, June 02, 2006


History links

The latest edition of the History Carnival, Part I, is up at Aqueduct. Amy Stevens has also posted a list of all the nominations for the Carnival ... perhaps with the unintended effect of shaming those of us who have been derelict in our nominating duties, like yours truly.

J. L. Bell has started a new blog on Boston during the Revolutionary War, which promises "history, analysis, and unabashed gossip" on the subject.

Last night while poking around in Podcasts on iTunes, I discovered a video podcast for "History 7B," the second half of the American history survey at UC-Berkeley. (Subtext: my extremely generous parents bestowed upon me a brand new video iPod for graduation!) Crooked Timber notes the availability of other such podcasts, which come free of charge. Mills at Edwired has already noted the iTunesification of higher education and is blogging the revolution.

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